Seeking work in the HVAC industry

I’ve been exhaustively searching for an assistant position for some time. I’ve consistently look for work in large businesses and I’m hoping to find a boss that needs help with appointments, organization, and weekly schedules. There is a great deal of competition for these self-explanatory jobs. Upon the daunting and long search, I found some postings for an HVAC business looking for an assistant. I read through the description and found it to be a bit on easy to apply. Many requirements stated candidates should have a relaxing know how of both heating and air conditioning. At this time, I didn’t have much of a relaxing know-how of heating and air conditioning knowledge. The job really appeal to myself and others due to the fact that it was a full-time position with benefits. I applied to the job as well as performed some research on heating and air conditioning topics. I wanted to have a bit of knowledge just in case I found an interview. I learned some information about heating and air conditioning online. Three weeks later, I was called for a interview with the heating and air conditioning manager. During the interview, the hiring manager asked some questions about the position. She wanted to know if I had experienced and any heating and air conditioning know how. I was a bit uneasy but remembered a few things such as heating and air conditioning businesses hope to provide clients has with many different services such as resetting control units, repairing heat and cooling systems, and even helping to wire new system. The person was impressed and gave me the job.