Quarantine was not much different for me

As a teenager I spent most of my time holed up in the attic, playing video games and working on bizarre art projects.

I was an emo kid, very sensitive, but I also had legit problems beyond being delicate.

I had some breathing issues, going back to when I was a baby, so during the spring and summer, and most of the fall, I was required to spend most of my time indoors. I had to share a bedroom with my two younger brothers, so I had no privacy. My old man cleaned out the attic, set up a little box fan and a portable air filter, and told me it was my room for whatever I wanted to use it for. It was still pretty hot up there, even with the power of the box fan it did not make up for the lack of A/C. Sometimes I would leave the drop-down door open, so at least a few fingers of cooling air would slip up into the attic. Flash forward 20 years or so, and now I’m quarantined due to the pandemic, but at least this time I have AC. Actually, my home HVAC system was customized to account for my diminished breathing capacity. HEPA rated air filters scrub the air clean every time it circulated, and I also have a dehumidifier built into it to remove all the extra moisture. I miss the old days in the attic sometimes, because it was the first time I had my own space, but I much prefer my new space, with air conditioning!

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