Put “HVAC repair” on my dating profile

The other day I decided I was going to bite the bullet and sign up for a dating app.

This is something I never do so I wasn’t exactly sure what the correct process was.

However, once I got started I realized that it was a fairly easy process and people responded favorably to me. When you answer honestly and create a realistic profile you will find people that you get along with. Specifically, you can find people who share the same mentality when it comes to heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment… Which is a big deal to me. When I was filling out my profile one of the questions asked what you were passionate about. I honestly answered, “air quality control and HVAC repair.” I didn’t think that anybody would take my heating and cooling answer seriously… But you would be surprised how many single folks were interested in my HVAC obsession. To be fair, I only care so much about heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment because I just recently bought a brand new central heating and cooling system. When I was investing in my upgraded air handling equipment I decided to start doing research on the modern HVAC industry. That’s when I learned all sorts of terrifying information about air quality control in your house. I suddenly found myself a bit preoccupied with my indoor air handling devices and air quality control measures. I hope it doesn’t intimidate anybody that I obsess over my thermostat so much… But based on the feedback, I’m not the only air quality passionate person in the world.


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