Pure competition

Just when I thought I had seen it all in terms of people competing with each other, I seen a whole new category of competition that took guts to go into.

There are these 2 heating plus air conditioner companies in our local area.

One of which just opened up, but and they are so close to each other plus in high competition. They are regularly trying to outdo each other with the discounts plus deals. Always trying to make the other be forced to go out of business, but it is pretty funny actually. And to tell you the truth, I end up using the both of them! It all depends on who has the best prices going on whenever I need heating plus air conditioner method service. This is the way i think everyone thinks as well, but so in the end it actually pans out for both companies, however no a single is losing supplier because neither of them can keep the discounts going all the time to outdo the other. It is pretty hilarious. I just hope someone doesn’t point this out to them; Because this set up that both of us have with these 2 heating plus air conditioner companies make it so that both of us regularly have ultra cheap plus affordable heating plus air conditioner maintenance in our local area, then more so than other areas close to us. If a single of these heating plus air conditioner companies decide to go out of supplier or stop competing with each other, both of us could actually well lose these good prices that both of us almost regularly have available to us.


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