Over the winter, all of us had a freak accident happen to our air conditioning system

We had a entirely cold Winter last year plus the cold hot plus cold temperatures entirely ended up throwing us for a loop when the Spring finally came along.

I know that sounds weird, however the thing is that all of us ended up finding out that our air conditioning system was torn up when the weather started heating up.

The temperature outside was heating up at last plus the ice plus snow was all finally melting into the ground. We had a freak heat wave plus that’s when all of us entirely turned the air conditioner on for the first time. When the air conditioning system refused to turn on, that’s when all of us found out that it wasn’t working. We flipped the switch on the air conditioning system, however nothing happened. We tried again plus again, plus still nothing. Then our hubby went to check out the central air conditioner unit in the basement plus that didn’t yield any results, either. We couldn’t figure out what the issue was until he ended up going outside to look at the exterior air conditioning system condenser unit out behind the garage in our backyard. Apparently, during all of the cold weather, a sizable tree branch had snapped off plus landed straight inside the fan on the condenser unit! It was stuck right in between the fan blades plus it ended up chopping up the air conditioner unit. It was a freak accident, that’s for sure. I never thought that our air conditioner unit would get torn up during the Winter instead of during the summertime! Now, all of us have to get a completely new air conditioning system condenser unit for our Heating plus Air Conditioning system.

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