Our new heat pump is great for saving money

Residing in a part of the country where the heat can be blazing for a lot of the year can get to a guy a bit, if you let it.

  • The only way to brave the whole situation is with a trusty Heating plus Air Conditioning heat pump system.

My Grandparents were able to get by, somehow, with an evaporative cooler and a few fans. I can remember that the two of us didn’t move around a lot while I was at my grandparents’ house in the heat of the day. There is just no way that I could deal with that heat now that I have become so accustomed to regular Heating plus Air Conditioning and our new heat pump. My husband and I decided when the two of us bought this house that the two of us wouldn’t skimp on Heating and Air Conditioning. It was our intention to invest in a new Heating plus Air Conditioning component. We didn’t want to just get the cheapest one. All of us did our research. We were really stunned by all the up-to-date technology that is going into the Heating plus Air Conditioning units these days. The heat pump was the clear option for us since the two of us don’t have much of a winter season here. But, the two of us honestly need something efficient that can deal with heat for more than half the year. Our heat pump is state of the art. It’s so efficient it was tough to figure out at first. It has a SEER rating of over 21. This nearly tripled the efficiency value of our outdated heat pump. The savings were astonishing after the first full month. While I enjoy saving money, I’m absolutely ecstatic with how eco friendly the up-to-date heat pump is. The heat pump was designed with the planet in mind as well as our cooling comfort. I just could not be any happier with our new Heating plus Air Conditioning system.


Air conditioning worker