Our gym was loaded with mold.

Being an HVAC technician, you see a lot of disgusting things while on the job.

  • The worst thing I have ever seen was when I was working on the air conditioning unit in our local gym.

My boys played basketball in that gym and I had never realized how dirty the ductwork was. I should have realized how poor the air quality was getting, but a lot of boys and men used the gym and they always smelled when they sweat. When I walked into the gym that afternoon, I almost gagged. The air quality hadn’t improved with lack of use. To be honest, the air quality had gotten even worse. I started looking into the ductwork and I couldn’t believe what I saw there. There was so much mold on the walls that it was practically dripping off the walls of the ductwork. Even with all the scrubbing, I was having a tough time removing the mold and mildew. I realized the mold must have been in there for quite some time. I had to have them close the gym down until I could get someone to remediate the mold from the HVAC system. I opened the air conditioning only to find out that it was also full of mold. I felt guilty that I hadn’t taken the initiative to work on the air conditioning and ductwork, quite some time ago. It had been two years since my son played basketball in this gym. I called and told everyone to pass the word that anyone who had been in the gym in the last years, had to go to the doctors because of exposure to the mold.

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