One of my blessings is an air purifier

Sometimes, I have to check myself.

When I get to feeling sorry for myself as well as complaining about my life, I realize that there are just so many other people who have it much worse than I ever have.

I suppose that there are people in my own community who struggle with things that I don’t suppose I could ever get my head around. So, when I start complaining about the impact the indoor air conditions of my lake house have on my dust irritations, I sort of roll my own eyes at myself. Those dust irritations have been something that I have had to contend with all my life. I still come back to my lake house to my Heating as well as Air Conditioning controlled home and I still have my wonderful family each day, dust irritations or not. There are so many blessings in my life! I would have to say my dust irritations are genuinely more of an annoyance to me. I have been to all sorts of different allergy doctors who have prescribed me with other types of medicines. They have been a mixture of helpful as well as ineffective. However, they do all tend to focus on the symptoms as well as less on how to deal with the root causes. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning inside of my lake house was something that I could unquestionably do something about. Really, it just took one single call to the Heating and Air Conditioning people who have been taking care of our HVAC system for decades. We discussed my allergy situation and then they sent out a tech to inspect our home. A few afternoons later, I had a solution. It was a whole home air cleaner. This thing destroys all the airborne contaminants that trigger my dust irritations!


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