Niece constantly shoves things into ductwork

Sometimes when you try to do a nice thing for somebody who comes back to bite you in the butt.

And this is definitely the case for me recently when I offered to watch my niece for my sister-in-law.

She was feeling very overwhelmed after having spent the past 6 months indoors with my niece. I knew that my sister-in-law just needed a day to take care of herself and unwind a bit. I offered to watch my niece for the entire day so that my poor sister-in-law could go out and get her hair done, give herself a facial, and take a nap. Unfortunately, I wasn’t expecting my niece to be such a handful. From the moment she got into my house it seems like she wanted to kill my indoor air handling device, above all else. Even though the TV was on with her favorite movie playing, my niece was more interested in my thermostat and air vents. She constantly was trying to jump up and touch the thermostat that was installed far above her head. I even caught her standing on a chair pressing all of the buttons at one time so that the air temperature control device would make loud beeping sounds. At a few other points in the day I found her staring into the air vents with amazement. I thought that she was just surprised by the existence of central heating and cooling systems, but it turns out that she was up to a lot more. After my niece left I noticed that my air quality was deteriorating. Eventually, I had a professional HVAC appointment and found out that she had been shoving toys, Play-Doh, and paper into my air vents the entire time I was watching her.


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