New furniture

I had gotten tired of the look of my current home.

I liked to change things up and try new themes.

I had had the same furniture in my house for ten years and I was ready for a change. My husband made the suggestion that we go downtown and take a look at the new furniture store. I agreed and was excited and that Saturday we went down to take a look at what they got. The outside of the store gave a good first impression. As we walked inside, the first thing I took notice of was how hot it was inside the store. This took me by surprise. But it didn’t stop me from walking down each section of the store to browse all the furniture and home decor they had available. But the further into the store I went the more intense the heat got. Finally I stopped a passing employee to ask why it was so hot in here. He told me that the air conditioning part of their commercial HVAC unit wasn’t working and right now the store owner was having a difficult time getting a cooling specialist out to fix the broken a/c. I nodded and remembered seeing a large and looming heating and cooling unit outside on our way in. I hadn’t noticed that it had no air coming out of it. Regardless of the temperature issues, the store still had some excellent furniture sales going on and that same day I bought an amazing couch for an excellent price. I was relieved when I got the couch home and was able to relax and enjoy my own working air conditioning unit.


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