My truck started this morning, thanks to the space heater

I bought a diesel truck when I got my settlement money.

I knew that I needed a big truck to pull my RV and I got a great deal on an older diesel. I didn’t really know anything about diesel trucks when I bought this one, but I’m quickly learning a lot. The temperatures have been extremely cold and chilly this week, and the overnight lows have been close to freezing. Couple of days ago, I couldn’t get my truck to start in the morning. I was really starting to worry. Another camper in the RV across the street came over to lend a helping hand. He told me that the truck probably wasn’t going to start because of the cold temperatures. The guy suggested putting a space heater under the truck at night. I thought he was joking, but he was serious. He told me that a small $15 space heater would do a fine job and he told me not to spend a heap of money. The guy told me to put a couple of blankets over the front of the truck to block most of the wind and cold air. He told me to put the space heater under the truck by the engine. I was worried about the fuel combustion, but the guy told me that diesel fuel does not ignite easily. I didn’t want to look silly, but the next time we had overnight freezing temperatures, I used the space heater. I didn’t have any trouble starting up the truck in the morning. I really think the space heater is the reason.

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