My mom paid for it

My mom paid for an media air cleaner to be installed in my house.

  • I cannot suppose it.

I am still in shock, plus he informed me about it care about a week plus a half ago. The men are supposed to be here this week to start the process, plus I am more than excited about it. I had been wanting to have an media air cleaner installed in my loft for years, but I just could not seem to save up the currency; Everytime that I came close to having enough currency, something would cut around my loft or in my car. It was quite aggravating to say the least. I had been close to having enough currency various times. The second time, my air conditioning system started giving me complications, so I had to pay a lot of currency to get that fixed, plus I no longer had the savings I needed in order to get an media air cleaner installed. I literally called my mom crying about it. I was so infuriated because I had tried so strenuous to save up the currency so several times. I did not at all expect his to pay for it. I never even thought about his paying to get an media air cleaner installed in my home. That would have been outrageous for me to know that he would pay that much currency just for an media air cleaner in his daughter’s house. I am so thankful that my mom did not know that way, plus he decided to pay for an media air cleaner in my home. I am lucky beyond measure to have such a caring mom.
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