My mom convinced me to hire a real estate lawyer

When we were looking into buying a house we thought we could just go through the bank and buy it.

After all, who needs realtors? We saw a house we liked, toured it, and settled on a price.

When I called my mom with the good news she was very skeptical. She said that I really should hire a real estate attorney. She wanted me to promise that I would hire a real estate attorney before I signed any paperwork. I tried to avoid promising hiring an attorney. I didn’t think we needed it. Then my mom told me a true story about why I needed someone skilled in real estate law. She said that when she and my father were looking for their first house they bought a house from someone without using an attorney. She said that there were issues almost immediately. The house had a leaky roof. That can happen anywhere you go. However, they also found out that the neighborhood was zoned for industrial businesses, a huge college was being built a mile away, and that someone had died in the house a few years back. This was all things they didn’t want. She said that they would have learned all of this, before buying the house, if they had only hired a real estate lawyer. They lived in the house for 2 years before they ended up moving to a more rural area. That time they did hire a real estate lawyer and made sure they understood all of the paperwork. After hearing that story I made a few phone calls and found a real estate lawyer for ourselves. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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