My husband’s pollen allergies are getting worse and worse

It seems like the older we get, the worse my husband’s pollen allergies get. Last year, as soon as the weather started heating up the springtime, he was just miserable. He was coughing and sneezing all the time and his eyes were already red and itchy. I kept telling him to go to the doctor, but you know how most men are. They don’t really like going to the doctor unless they are absolutely dying. He takes over the counter medications for allergies, but they don’t seem to help him very much. I was getting pretty worried about him when our air conditioning went out last year. Of course, this was merely a coincidence but it ended up being the best thing that could have happened to us. When the air conditioning technician was there to repair our central A/C unit for us, we started talking to him about all of the allergy issues that my husband had been having. He asked us if we had ever thought about trying to update our HVAC system to help out with the allergies. Honestly, doing something about our HVAC unit had never really even crossed our minds before for some reason. But the HVAC technician told us that if we used a special kind of allergy reducing HEPA filter as our air filter, that would really help with keeping dust and pollen out of our ventilation system. He also said that we might want to get our air ducts professionally cleaned. But the thing he mentioned that we were actually the most interested in was getting a whole home air purification system.
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