My husband is teaching our kids how to fix stuff

Ever since our kids were born, my husband has always tried to teach them all how to fix stuff around the house.

He has always been a very handy person, and he knows how to fix all kinds of stuff.

I guess his dad used to teach him stuff about plumbing, electrical work, and appliances when he was a kid. But the most useful thing that his dad taught him, in my opinion, has been his ability to work on our heating and cooling system. We have had several issues with our HVAC system over the years, but my husband has been able to fix most of the problems himself. I know that he’s saved our family all kinds of money on heating and air conditioning repairs throughout the years. With all of our kids, it’s a really good thing that he’s able to fix things like our furnace and our air conditioning system. Stuff like that really adds up and we have a lot to pay for with dance classes, art classes, and tons of food with our teenage boys! And now, of course, my husband is teaching our kids the same kinds of things. I’m glad that he’s doing that, because one day our kids will be able to fix their own HVAC systems in their own homes. And I’m thinking that maybe one of the boys might decide that he wants to become an HVAC technician, too. He’s pretty interested in learning all that he can about the furnace and the central air conditioning system in our house.

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