My husband always talks about the lack of A/C in his high school

When my husband was in high school twenty years ago, things were very different than they are today in class! Every time we drive past his old school, he starts talking about how he used to have to go there at the beginning of the school year before the weather started cooling off.

He’s from the southern part of the country and down there it gets really hot and stays hot until probably around the middle of October.

The people down there really get a lot of use out of their air conditioning systems, that’s for sure. But for some reason, the schools haven’t really caught up with the times. I guess it’s because of lack of funding or something. Most of the school buildings in the area, including his old high school, don’t have air conditioning at all. I guess it really affected my husband in a bad way because twenty years later, he still talks about how hot and awful it was in those classrooms in the afternoon! These days, just about every school around has A/C in most of the classrooms and even in the gym and the fieldhouse down on the football field. I guess things have really changed in some aspects. According to my husband, that’s a really good thing. He says that he doesn’t ever want our kids to be in a school that has low quality HVAC systems, especially during the heat of the summer. I can’t say that I blame him. It’s hard enough to concentrate in class anyway, even without being too hot all the time!

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