My friends are crazy to have no A/C for a year

One of my friends is into environmental changes and energy conservation.

Mission of his life is too easily reduced his footprint in order to save our planet.

I respect those for all things they do on this planet. Recently, he posted an online poll and wanted followers to talk about interests and having no heat or air conditioning for most of the year. It’s an area of the country close to the Northeast where many winter days are super chili. Even summer days can become very hot. 99% of followers agreed to turn off the air conditioner and then she began to blog. She promised to post electric bills that would show the currency she was actually saving. The posts were interesting during winter and summer time months. She even left many posts open so that folks could comment or ask questions. Many folks agreed that they would not be able to live separate from heat or air conditioning. Fortunately, we had lots of blankets to keep ourselves warm during the winter and we opened Windows of during the summer for a cool breeze. Instead of sleeping with the air conditioner on and a comforter on the bed, the both of us were easily able to sleep in our bed comfortably with the window open and a slight breeze in the room. During the summer time, my friends use some fans to cool the place down, but they haven’t been using the air conditioner in a long time. They cook outside of the place so they don’t even have to turn on the oven during most days.


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