My friend only heated their house with space heaters

I literally couldn’t understand what my friend’s dad was doing with their heating system. During middle school, one of my best friends was my neighbor. I spent a ton of time at their house during the week, and I got to know their family a lot. My friend was cool, but I quickly learned that his dad was a drug user. Still, they were able to afford their house, and they had a much nicer house than we did. They even had a central air conditioner at their house that kept them cool during the summer. At our house, we only had a window air conditioner, and it wasn’t nearly as nice as their central air conditioner. However, I could never figure out what they were doing with their heating system. They had a nice furnace in their house. One day, something happened with the furnace, and the furnace stopped working. Instead of fixing their furnace as a normal person, they decided to go out and purchase some space heaters for their house. They didn’t purchase new space heaters. They decided to purchase space heaters that were probably older than my dad. These space heaters were very dangerous. They said that they were saving money by not calling an HVAC technician, but when I heard how much they were paying every month for electricity to use all of those space heaters, I realized that it would have been much cheaper to fix the furnace. It is amazing that they didn’t have a house fire because of those space heaters. They were crazy.


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