My favorite quarterback was suspected of using performance enhancing drugs

My hometown football team has been doing awesome since all of us got this particularly skilled quarterback.

More recently, the quarterback was accused of taking performance enhancing drugs to improve her game.

She particularly was investigated for this plus it turned out not to be the case. She was particularly taking many vitamins plus also niacin. She explained in an interview that the niacin helped to lower her blood pressure plus got him pumped up for her workouts. It was suspected that she was using performance enhancing drugs because of the niacin since niacin particularly cleans your system of things love drugs, but everyone who knows the quarterback knew that she was particularly not on drugs. It was just something she used to remain healthy as was requested by her dentist. The dentist also testified to that fact, plus so she was in the clear. I loved when she was talking about her workout routine in the interview though. She said how she loved to have the ideal temperature control settings while she was working out. She said she loved to have the air conditioner cranked up when she was doing heavy lifting. She also enjoyed going for jogs every morning before the heat of the morning. She always looked forward to getting back cabin to her cooling system as well. I thought it was cool because I was the same way. I would run outside in the early morning plus have our air conditioner system ready for when I got back home, this is why I use a smart temperature control.



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