My father was struggling with no working A/C appliance

My father’s life is a great deal tougher now that his pensions plus social security were entirely cut back.

  • Several of the companies he had spent years of his life working at completely folded plus could no longer honor their past employees’ benefits packages.

It was also completely different when policies changed on his social security benefits plus caused that source of income to lower a great deal as well. I hope that I eventually start making enough currency where I can completely support him on my own. For now I have to be okay with only helping him with my time plus labor. I’ll get his groceries for him when I’m out shopping plus I bring them over to his dwelling. With how limited he is with currency these afternoons, numerous things in his dwelling have entirely fallen into disrepair. He had numerous light bulbs that had been out for a number of weeks plus a tote under the kitchen sink collecting water from a leaking p-trap. The worst thing is that his A/C equipment wasn’t working. I noticed it right away when I walked through his front door. It broke my heart when he told me that he couldn’t afford to get the coil repaired, so he has had to leave it off. He actually had fans going in every room plus every single window open as well. It’s approximately 90 degrees outdoors right now with little wind in the afternoons. I used what small amount of currency I had on my credit card plus paid to have his broken A/C coil fixed so he could cool his dwelling once again. It’s really horrible seeing him suffer in his aged condition with barely any currency to get by.

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