My best HVAC tech is a grump

Sometimes you have to teach people personal skills that they definitely should already have.

This has been the case many times in my professional career as I have tried to mentor and manage a group of particularly difficult men.

When I was graduating from heating, cooling, and ventilation professional school I realized that we never had a single class that taught us how to interact with the client. We knew all the ins and outs of heating and cooling repair, installation jobs, and routine maintenance services. I could basically diagnose or install an air conditioning system with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back. However, many of my classmates had no idea how social norms and pleasantries worked. I should have taken this into account before I opened my own heating and cooling dealership. In fact, it is more difficult managing your heating and cooling technicians in regards to their customer service complaints then it is to hire brand new and highly skilled heating, cooling, and ventilation professionals. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to lecture my best HVAC technician on the team. He is an amazing heating and cooling worker and I can always rely on him for the most difficult residential HVAC repair services. However, he is consistently getting into verbal battles with the clients. If somebody is neglecting or abusing their central heating and cooling system, he can’t seem to hold his tongue about their unwise actions. I am tired of all the negative reviews. However, it seems like my top heating and cooling technician just cares too much about the HVAC equipment that he services.

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