My bathroom was in need of its own ventilation system.

When I moved into my home, I never thought I would be calling a professional HVAC company to do a rehaul of my HVAC system.

When my wife and I moved in, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t need any major work any time soon.

We had a professional HVAC inspector look at the furnace, air conditioning and ventilation system. He told us that it was a fairly new system and we shouldn’t have any problem for several years. He suggested we have the regular cleaning and maintenance done to make sure the HVAC system continues working as efficiently as possible. After hearing this news, we never thought we would be calling the HVAC commpany to have changes made, within a year. As good as the central heating and air conditioning worked, it didn’t work well in the bathroom. The humidity control in the house, was excellent, but it never cleared out the humidity in the bathroom. Even with the ventilation fan in the bathroom, we had a huge problem with the humidity. We knew we had to do something different to deal with the humidity and improve our ventilation system. The only thing we could come with was to have a separate HVAC system just for the bathroom. The HVAC technician had several ideas on how to solve the humidity problem in the bathroom, but we insisted we just have a separate HVAC system. We wanted to have a ventilation system that was dedicated just to that area. When you take at least one hot and steamy shower a day, you need a good ventilation system.

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