Made a mistake of buying a window equipment a/c from someone who lied to me

I live up north and the summers are pretty mild, but occasionally you just need a little a/c to help you fall asleep at night. I just moved into a small home and it does not have central a/c. It does have a wall furnace for the wintertime, however so far I have been keeping the windows open, the blinds down and fans on this Summer to keep myself cool. During the day isn’t so awful because I toil Sunday-Wednesday in an office and my office has central a/c. I absolutely suffer at night. I cannot sleep unless I am comfortable and under the blankets. Lately, I’ve been so hot and uncomfortable that I haven’t even been able to put the blankets on myself and others so I haven’t slept well at all. I decided to look online for a window equipment a/c. I am on a absolutely slender budget and I figured a window equipment a/c would be perfect for myself and others because I don’t need central a/c and I absolutely only need it to cool my dining room at night. I started searching for inpricey window equipment a/cs and I found someone who posted an advertisement saying that they were selling a window equipment a/c for a absolutely low price of $25. Something in the back of my mind told myself and others not to do this because it didn’t seem right, but in my state of lack of sleep I decided to reach out to this person. I went to meet up with the person who posted the window a/c equipment for sale and they said it works perfectly. I got apartment and installed the window a/c equipment into the window in my room. It didn’t toil and was noisy.

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