I’ve Found Natural Ways to Improve My Indoor Air Quality

I’ve never enjoyed using heavy chemicals inside my home.

In fact, I try to avoid using anything that has toxins within it, because I believe it has a negative effect on my body and lifestyle.

When I heard about this virus spreading on the news, I saw a lot of people rushing around from store to store trying to buy all these products that contained harsh chemicals and toxins in them. These people were thinking that the best way to remove viruses and bacteria from their home, was to fight it through strong chemicals. It made me laugh, because I used to be that person. Now, I like to fight viruses and bacteria in a more natural way. To improve the air quality in my house, I like to implement a few things. First, I keep my rugs clean by using a vacuum with a HEPA air filter. When I discovered HEPA air filters for vacuums, the air quality in my house changed drastically, because I’d only ever heard of HEPA air filters for HVAC systems before. Next, I keep a humidifier running at 30 to 50 percent, which keeps my indoor allergen levels under control. I also only use products that are fragrance free with no added ingredients that I can’t read or understand. Fragrance isn’t necessary in cleaning products, and I’ve found that it makes my allergies flare up and my hormones are negatively affected. Lastly, I have an HVAC professional test the air in my home for radon, because it’s an odorless gas that can come from the ground and seep into your foundation. By implementing these natural solutions, I can eliminate any virus or bacteria better than any product filled with chemicals and toxins.

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