It’s too bad the A/C equipment quit working in the middle of the show

I actually decided to take my family to a magic show not too long ago.

  • It was at this place with a pretty large tent plus they had wonderful cooling equipment working to keep the tent incredibly cool.

The kids seemed to genuinely be enjoying the magic show plus I honestly thought the guy was pretty wonderful at the magic he was performing. Well, I felt entirely bad for the guy when the cooling equipment quit working in the midst of his show. It started heating up in the tent like crazy plus then people started heckling the guy. It definitely wasn’t his fault the cooling equipment failed like it did. People were asking if he could work his magic to get the cooling equipment working again. Somebody asked if his magic trick was to make everybody sweat profusely at the same time. The people I was with and I actually ended up getting a partial refund for the show because we managed to watch half the show plus the other half had to be canceled because everybody was uncomfortable with no working cooling equipment. I went to the guy plus let him know that it wasn’t his fault plus I believed the people there were being incredibly rude… He seemed to be thankful for my words plus he actually gave us free tickets to the next show that was coming up soon. He promised that the cooling equipment would be working great for the next show, plus he had some current magic tricks that he knew all the kids would adore. That absolutely sounded like a wonderful time for all of my family members!

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