It’s hard to stay accountable

If you are anything like me, you have a hard time with addictive streaks.

I’m the sort of person who gets obsessive about something for a few weeks or months and then never wants to do it again.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an option when it comes to your physical fitness and wellness. You really don’t have a choice about maintaining a regular workout practice if you want to stay trim and healthy. Personally, I have been on so many roller coaster diets and workout plans that I could probably write a book about my failed fitness experiments. If you can think of a fitness craze, I guarantee I have given it a try. I’ve joined every physical training program, CrossFit studio, and group workout session that you could imagine. I’ve tried yoga, pilates, weight training, and marathon-running. None of these workout routines has become a daily habit for longer than a few months at a time. Then, I joined a new gym in town that advertises itself as a health and wellness center. I had never heard of a holistic wellness center before, so I decided to give this a new plan a try. Immediately, my experience was different than ever before. The wellness center offered personalized nutrition and strength training advice, from real personal trainers who wanted to help you achieve your fitness goals. My fitness personal trainer contacted me on a regular basis and made sure that I was keeping up with our personalized fitness program. I couldn’t get distracted from my wellness goals like usual. After two years of being a dedicated member of this health and wellness center, I can guarantee that I’ll never join a fad workout class again.


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