It’s a hairy house

Whenever people are coming over to our apartment I try our best to warn them about the circumstances that they are about to walk into.

Namely, it is going to be a home filled with animals and all of the difficulties that will inspire, for instance, if you have any amount of indoor dust sensitivity sensitivity, I suggest that you stock up on prescription dust sensitivity meds before you step foot in our door.

If you have any fear of large pets or potentially aggressive cats, it’s genuinely a fantastic proposal to stay in the front yard. First of all, if you are the type of woman who enjoys wearing dark clothing you will genuinely want to reconsider your wardrobe before you come over. Because I have so various animals, the apartment is absolutely filled with pet hair, then you can literally see the fur riding the waves of our central heating, cooling, and ventilation plan every time the a/c unit or forced air heating system starts working. As high quality treated indoor air starts flowing through the air air duct and every event in the apartment you can usually see pieces of hair flowing along with the streaming air. Whenever our heating and cooling contractor arrives at the apartment for a routine heating, cooling, and air quality control unit inspection or repair job she is sure to comment on the abundant airborne contamination from our animals. He’s always telling us that the a/c unit and heating system are at risk of additional wear and tear if both of us do not take care of our pet fur. I do everything I can to manage with the amount of airborne fur contamination in our house…. But the only genuinely effective measure would be shaving all of the cats and pets.



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