It Was a Dirty Condenser

I’ve been using our air conditioning more recently due to an unexpected heat wave. I don’t like having to switch between our gas furnace and air conditioning unit, but I also don’t want to live in a home that’s too tepid or too cold. The other afternoon, I observed that our air conditioning equipment was running, but it wasn’t entirely cooling the air. I observed that our thermostat was set properly and I felt the air coming out of all the air vents, but it was a lukewarm temperature. I did what anyone else would do in our situation, and I went online to try and figure out what was wrong with our air conditioning unit. I shouldn’t have done this, because I became entirely discouraged and overwhelmed, but everything I read was so downside! After reading about the possible causes, I decided that it was either a dirty air condenser or something more detrimental to our HVAC system. Since I’m not a professional HVAC supplier, I had no idea which 1 was causing our air conditioning equipment to malfunction, so I decided to call the local HVAC supplier. They asked me if our lack of air conditioning was considered an emergency, but I told them no. I wanted air conditioning, but I didn’t want to pay more money to have it fixed on an emergency call. Instead, I had to wait more than one days to have an HVAC professional come over. Thankfully, it was a dirty condenser, and I didn’t have to spend a luck on anything more severe!



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