It has been so nice to have central air conditioning

It has been so nice to have central air conditioning.

My family and I have been housesitting for my parents for the past two weeks.

My parents have a lot of animals, so we offered to stay at the house and take care of their animals while they were gone on vacation. They were happy to let us stay. The nice thing about my parent’s house is that they have central air conditioning. We do not have central air conditioning at our house. We have one window air conditioning unit, and that is it. We have been wanting to get a second air conditioner for upstairs, but even the cheapest window air conditioning units are a bit more than we want to spend on an air conditioner right now. We really feel like we have been spoiled staying at my parent’s house with central air conditioning. I am going to miss the air conditioning so much. It seems to be even warmer than usual this year, so I am not looking forward to going back home to our warm house. I am thankful that we at least have some form of air conditioning, but I certainly wish we had central air conditioning. I almost think it was a mistake for us to stay at my parent’s house because now, we are all discontent with our air conditioning. Maybe someday we will have central air conditioning installed in our home, but until then, we will have to live with our one window air conditioning unit. It is better than nothing I guess.

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