It has been quite a bit

It has been a few years since I had the air duct of my central HVAC method cleaned.

  • This was not a good choice on my part to wait so long before getting my air duct cleaned.

Because of not getting my air duct cleaned, my indoor air quality had been suffering a lot. The indoor air quality was getting stale in addition to it was getting a bit dusty in my house. I knew then that it was time to call the local HVAC contractor to schedule a certified heating in addition to cooling specialist to come out in addition to wipe the air duct of my central Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit. Then, I also thought it may be best to invest in some kind of lower priced indoor air cleaner. Something care about a portable air purification method I guess would do the trick in cleaning the indoor air quality since it was not too awful yet. It was just in the beginning phases of what could be a severe air quality issue. So the HVAC contractor came out in addition to did the full on air duct cleaning. Then once that was done, I went to the store to buy that portable air purification method I was talking about. The portable air purification method was on sale for a little over a single hundred dollars which was almost half off the official price of a portable air purification method or any genre of indoor air cleaner, then once I set up the portable air purification method in my home office, within a few nights my indoor air quality was great once again!


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