Installed ductless hvac in lake house

Without quiet & some peace, there is no way I can reach any sort of stability in our life.

This is just the way it is & I have come to accept that.

My entire adult life has been consumed by a super stressful career that takes all my energy. A lot of that time, I just kept pushing. My only break was coming home & relaxing with my feet up in the Heating plus A/C for a half hour. That is just simply not a sustainable equation for a stable lifestyle. That routine was starting to take its toll on our health & well being. There was an anecdote that was right there all along & I just wasn’t taking notice of it. My family owned a lake house up in the forest for generations. It is a place where I have made memorable childhood memories. However, once I started my career, there was just no time for that spot. That has recently changed. I get away to that lake house whenever I can. Going from the Heating plus A/C comfort of work to the Heating plus A/C comfort of our household was not enough. The lake house offers myself and others a good deal of peace & relaxation. In an effort to get the rest of our family up there more, I recently installed a ductless Heating plus A/C unit. It is absolutely perfect really. It’s out of the way as it sits high on a wall. It does a good job of heating & cooling that space. Now that there is some Heating plus A/C at the lake house, my whole family has been more eager to join me. They all enjoyed the lake house but didn’t like having unreliable heating or cooling.

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