I'm sick and I need the heater on

I was feeling freezing cold while my roommates were super hot.

At first I thought it was just a matter of taste but then I started realizing that I might actually be sick.

I could not get warm no matter how many blankets I used. I also kept getting up and turning off the air conditioner but my roommates kept turning it back on. Everyone else wanted air conditioning but I wanted heat. I knew I must be really sick and I hoped it wasn’t this nasty virus that’s been going around. I couldn’t find a thermometer to take my temperature but I took some ibuprofen and then I went into my room and closed off all of the air conditioner vents. After that, I turned on the space heater that’s in my room and aimed it right at me. The nice warm air felt so relaxing. I ended up falling asleep. I think I slept for a few hours. When I woke up, I felt incredibly hot. I turned off the space heater and opened up the air conditioner vents again. This flexing between heat and cold went on for awhile. For a few days I would be roasting hot, then I would be freezing cold. Finally, the fever broke and I started feeling better. Now I can enjoy normal temperature settings, like everyone else. I think one of my roommates is starting to get sick though. Now she is holed up in her room with the heater on. I should feel bad for her, but I don’t.

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