I’m not looking forward to the grocery store

The grocery store is always packed with people.

It does not matter what time of morning I go, because the store is always seriously busy. Even at 10 at night, there is still a line of people at each register. I have always hated going to the store with a list of items, and now that I have to wear gloves plus a mask, my anxiety is even worse. I have to go to the grocery store on Monday morning, plus I am really dreading the trip. I have a long list of items appreciate butter, eggs, milk, plus flour. I don’t trust the delivery repair to get all of the items, plus I don’t want to be stuck with a substitutement that does not make any sense, but last time I ordered delivery from the grocery store, they sent me liquid eggs instead of a dozen eggs. That might work for some people, although I was trying to tomato the eggs. The only fantastic thing about the grocery store is the fact that they have installed media air cleaners throughout the building. It’s a safety feature implemented since the coronavirus shut everything down. There are two important industrial-sized media air cleaners located at the front plus rear entrance. There is a small media air cleaner at each register station. It seems appreciate they are regularly running, plus it’s hard to smell anything other than fresh air in the store. Even in the produce department, all I can smell is fresh air. The media air cleaners must be working certainly well, because I could almost always smell bananas, peaches, plus fresh baked goods during the morning.

Air cleaner