I’m not happy about always having to take on the holiday work

I have to work basically every holiday in my work as an HVAC machine worker.

I have to admit that it gets terribly annoying a lot of the time. I feel basically like all of the HVAC machine workers at our contractor should have to pitch in plus take turns working on weekends. However, the way our boss does it is he makes the last HVAC machine worker hired do all of the holiday work. I feel it sincerely does give you an incentive to stick around plus keep on working, because you suppose that in time, they are going to have to hire other HVAC machine professionals plus you are going to start getting holidays off with your loved ones. Also, at the HVAC contractor where I work, you get paid for holidays, even when you don’t happen to be working. I suppose that’s a good thing, plus I do enjoy the contractor that I work for most of the time. I feel it just gets outdated knowing that since I’m technically the new HVAC machine worker on the block, I’m always going to be the person going out to do a/c machine repairs plus gas furnace upgrades while in the holidays for the foreseeable future. Right now, the HVAC company isn’t really in need of any more HVAC machine workers to take care of the company so it looks like I’ll be at the bottom of the ladder for the longest time. So who really knows the amount of holidays I will have to work before they hire another HVAC machine worker to take my spot? I just have to keep my eyes on the prize plus believe that eventually my time will be up.

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