I’m lucky I found out about this woman before it was too late

I actually thought I found the right woman for me.

She was this nice young lady who I met when I was called to fix her HVAC system.

I am an HVAC technician and I am pretty good at what I do. The crazy thing is, she is the one who came onto me and started flirting. She also is the one who asked me out on a date and we had a great time together and had been together for a few years before I asked her to marry me. I thought she was the love of my life, that was until I walked in one day and overheard her telling her best friend something very messed up. She was saying that she knew I was just an HVAC technician but eventually I would start my own HVAC business. She said that when I started my HVAC business and was successful, she would then divorce me and take half of everything I owned. I couldn’t believe she said that and I finally knew her true colors. She was planning on using me this whole time and I was none the wiser to her scheme. I immediately confronted her about the situation and said the wedding was off. It was a hard thing for me to do, but I knew I couldn’t be with somebody who was planning on ruining my life from the very beginning. I thought she was the perfect woman, but I realized that she was the scum of the earth and she was not good for me.