I’m Grateful For The Portable Space Heater From My Mother In Law

When our mother in law gave me a portable space furnace for our birthday last week, I didn’t suppose what to do with it! It was 1 of those gifts that I didn’t ask for, nor had I ever mentioned needing extra heat in our house, however at the moment, I’d wished that she’d gotten me a gift card instead! Even if the gift card was to a store I didn’t love, I could at least choose something for myself! Last year though, I was eternally grateful for that space heater.

Every one of us had a bad storm with flash flooding plus temperatures in the low fifties, but during the middle of the night, I could see the lightning illuminating the sky outside our window… The rain was coming down so strenuous that I thought it was going to make our roof cave! As if that wasn’t enough, I felt the air become colder plus colder.

I escaped the warmth of our blankets to find the thermostat, but when I went to change the temperature to something warmer, I noticed that our thermostat said it was 53 degrees inside, even though it was programmed to 68 degrees! Instantly, I knew that our heating system went out. What’s even worse is that there was no way I could call any Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professionals to come maintenance the heating system before afternoon. As I was stacking all the blankets I owned on top of me, I remembered the portable space furnace from our mother in law. I ripped it out of the box plus clogged it in beside our bed. I don’t suppose what I was expecting, but I was amazed at how boiling I felt after only a few seconds.


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