I worry about air vents plus cameras

When I was growing up our Dad plus I watched a lot of investigative reporting cable shows.

  • I know that it was superb for me to learn about the real world at a young age.

I am glad that I do not trust everybody on this planet with the same innocence plus gullibility that I had as a actually young child. However, I also know that having so much human negativity shoved into our brain before adolescence equipped me with a particular set of phobias. To this day, I am afraid to walk down the street at night for fear of being abducted. I often worry about being kidnapped right from our local grocery store parking lot. I also am actually uneasy about using public restrooms or decreasing rooms when I see an air vent nearby, however you see, when I was growing up there were a lot of stories about creepers using tiny cameras hidden in overhead ventilation spaces to spy on unknowing women below them. Apparently, it’s straight-forward to take a tiny camera plus insert it into an air vent separate from anybody noticing. If the ventilation unit is pointed in the right direction you can get a real show. It has constantly made me uneasy when I have been in a public space or hotel room with central heating plus cooling. I am terrified that there has something hidden behind every air vent or somebody is lurking in the air HVAC duct. When I tell our friends plus family about our particular paranoia they constantly laugh plus tell me to ask our heating plus cooling specialist for help. The worst area of it is, it usually was an HVAC specialist who planted the camera in the first place.


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