I was watching ‘Naked and Afraid’.

Since the pandemic has begun, I have been spending a lot of time in my apartment.

I have been watching some of the oddest shows.

I didn’t know they had so many reality shows on the local and syndicated channels. I came across a show called ‘Naked and Afraid’. After watching the show for twenty minutes and making fun of it for ten minutes, I decided it should have been called ‘Naked and Ridiculously Stupid’. Two complete strangers, one woman and one man, out in the middle of nowhere, with no clothing and no supplies. They weren’t even getting paid. This was simply so they could prove something to themselves. I would rather prove something to myself in my own home. I could always turn off the air conditioning or furnace and go without heating or cooling for a couple days. I could see if I could go without comfort for any amount of time. I would never go out in the middle of nowhere, with a strange man that is naked. You know they aren’t alone. Someone is taking all those pictures out there. I’m sure they have portable air conditioners to keep them comfortable. I wonder if they don’t have trailers that are all decked out with everything they need, including the AC. I would sneak into that van every night. To heck with the bugs, snakes and other slimy things that are out there; I would rather be dressed and comfortable. I feel fear enough, just thinking about going without my air purification system in the house or forgetting my mask when I open the front door.

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