I want an air conditioning absolutely badly

I honestly want an air conditioning, although I don’t recognize that I am going to be able to afford an air conditioning this year, but literally, the only thing that would make my home so much better is an air conditioning.

It doesn’t even have to be a upscale central air conditioning or anything prefer that.

I would be perfectly satisfied with a window air conditioning. I live in a trailer, as well as the trailer did not come with a central air conditioning. I own the trailer as well as I have been able to do a lot of improvements to the house. The home was in pretty rough shape before, however it finally looks prefer a nice house. The only issue with the trailer is that it is constantly boiling in the summer. I don’t think why the trailer heats up so much, however it feels prefer a gas furnace inside while in the summer. I have fans going constantly in my house, however a fan is no replacement for an air conditioning. I wish that the bills weren’t so high. I don’t have a lot of extra income, so I have never been able to afford a window air conditioning. I have literally spent all of my money on the repairs for the trailer, as well as now that it is summer, all of the prices on the air conditionings are absolutely high again. I honestly won’t be able to afford an air conditioning until the fall when the prices drop a little bit. However, I want an air conditioning so badly. The only time that I have ever felt actually comfortable is when I lived in a venue with an air conditioning, as well as I actually miss that feeling, and maybe I will get lucky as well as someone will be getting rid of an air conditioning for a absolutely great price.

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