I very should have listened to our husbandy about the reality cable series

When I was approached about making a reality show about our family’s farm life, I thought it was a superb way to bring in some extra income.

The thing is, I didn’t very suppose about how it would affect our family.

My husbandy was saying it was not a superb method and he didn’t want our private lives to be put out there, but I told his it was worth it if we could get enough money to make some household improvements and save money for our children’s education. So we started the reality series and it turned out not to be so exhausting at first, both of us lived a very simple life and worked strenuous out there on the farm with our crops and farm creatures. The people were able to see how we were strict about things prefer air conditioning use in the home. Both of us just had this little window air conditioning system component that we would only use while we were in our brunch time. Both of us thought it was nice to be able to appreciate the air conditioning while enjoying a superb meal at the end of the day, however eventually our kids started telling us how they were being made fun of at school when others had watched the reality series. They made fun of us all saying that we were a bunch of exhausting farmers that would never get anywhere in life. They would say things prefer this just because of our strict rules about using the air conditioning. They even thought it was laughable that we only had a single window air conditioning system component and we used a fireplace to keep our new home boiling in the winter. I decided that we were done with this reality cable series after I l received about this. I apologized to our family for what they were put through, however at least we made enough money from the show to invest in a better Heating and Air Conditioning system for the farm house.

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