I think I’ve been helping to start healthier trends

This is going to sound strange, but I was a little bothered at work when I saw that the healthy snacks in the vending machine were never being purchased. It wasn’t until I started telling a bunch of people about those healthy snacks that they started buying them. I actually felt good about myself for helping people see that healthy options are a beautiful thing. I felt the same way awhile back when I went to the HVAC shop to pick up a good UV air purifier. I was shocked that there were so many in stock and it seemed like nobody was going for the healthy UV air purifier options! I decided to start telling people about how important it is to eliminate harmful pathogens so that we are healthier and not spreading disease so much. I actually invested in numerous UV air purifiers and I even gave them out as gifts to family members and co-workers. Everybody was really thankful for those UV air purifiers, especially when we were hit by the pandemic. Before I knew it, I was seeing less UV air purifiers at the HVAC shop when I would go there to pick up my air filters. I was really happy that more people were going for the healthier HVAC options. Now, I think if I could just start telling more people about the benefits of HEPA air filters, then I will be doing a good service for fellow people in the world. The HEPA air filters are expensive, but they pull 99.9% of contaminants from the air!

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