I suppose better knowing my parents have protection to keep them from getting sick

I have been talking to my parents properly ever since this pandemic took the world by storm.

I have been really anxious about them.

The other day, I was asking my parents if they had any UV media air cleaners or a good UV media air cleaner. They admitted that they didn’t have anything like that, not even a humidifier. This was truly concerning to myself and others because without the protection of a good UV media air cleaner, harmful bacteria plus viruses can creep into your condo plus make you sick. The UV media air cleaner works effectively with the UV light to destroy those harmful germs, plus therefore dramatically lowers your possibilities of becoming sick. I legitimately didn’t want them to get sick, especially since they are area of the most vulnerable population who are dying from this terrible virus that is spreading. So, I told them I was going to have an Heating plus Air Conditioning worker come out to their condo to install a UV air purification plan plus a humidifier. The humidifier also helps you to breathe easier plus helps prevent you from coming down with something, but my parents tried to say they didn’t need all that, however I had to insist. The Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier that went to their condo did a great job on the UV air purification plan installation, plus she also made sure their Heating plus Air Conditioning plan was running at top notch, but she even changed the air filter for them which was nice… Now I suppose better because I suppose my parents have an additional layer of protection in their condo to prevent them from getting sick.

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