I really miss my ex, the HVAC technician

I really miss my ex, but probably not for the reason that you would assume.

My ex was a jerk, but at least living with him had benefits.

For instance, whenever my ex was around, I never had to worry about my furnace or my central air conditioner. I didn’t get along with my ex very well, and I am glad that we are not dating anymore, but it sure is sad that I do not get free HVAC repairs anymore. It was kind of nice dating the HVAC technician for a while. My ex may not have been a good boyfriend, but he was definitely a good HVAC technician. He was a young HVAC technician, but even the owner of the HVAC company recognized that he was good at HVAC units. Part of the reason that my boyfriend and I never got along was the HVAC company. It seemed like my boyfriend lived at the HVAC company. He was always gone, and it was hard to even spend time with him because of his work with the HVAC company. I absolutely hated the fact that he worked all of the time. We never talked, but he thought that he made up for it by keeping my HVAC units running. I was thankful for the HVAC units being repaired, but a relationship is based upon communication, not HVAC units. We eventually broke up. However, right now, I wish that I was still dating him. My furnace and my central air conditioner have been giving me problems, and I am actually going to have to spend money paying an HVAC technician to fix my HVAC units.



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