I quit being a Heating plus A/C tech

After several years of working for the same Heating plus A/C dealer, I finally quit yeahterday. It wasn’t because our Heating plus A/C place of employment was bad, or that our coworkers were terrible or even that the pay was bad. It was actually because of the buyers. I knew there were truly some bad people out there, however after servicing some of our Heating plus A/C customer’s air conditioner systems, and seeing how nasty some people can be, I didn’t realize how bad it was. I don’t guess what it was about our former Heating plus A/C corporation, however they seemed to attract all of the nastiest buyers. I hear that other Heating plus A/C dealers don’t have such troubles, so maybe I will go for another Heating plus A/C provider, and one such customer that I ran tests on thought she knew it all. Their air conditioning device was broken, so when I was standing down to figure out what had broken the air conditioner, this girl kept leaning over me and pointing out all of the parts of the air conditioner unit, most of which was wrong. That wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that when I actually started to fix her air conditioner for him, she started telling me I was doing it wrong! I was so close to just telling him if she is so smart, then she can do it himself. But I kept our mouth shut. Another incredibly irritating customer was a customer that kept attempting discounts, or area of her air conditioner repair bill price deducted for several reasons. When I didn’t comply, she threatened to speak to the supervisor and get me fired! I can’t deal with idiots all afternoon, and that’s why I quit.

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