I have three young kids and need someone to help me

My wife & I have 3 youngsters & they are all at home right now.

Usually multiple of them would be in middle school & 1 of them would be in elementary school.

Unfortunately, schools have been canceled due to the Coronavirus. All of the youngsters are home everyday, so our wife had to start laboring from home. She wanted to work from home for multiple years, however her boss came up with excuse after excuse. They do not have any more excuses now that people can’t go to their jobs. We are all trying our best to stay safe. Each morning, the youngsters have a list of items that need to be cleaned & sanitized. This list includes all of the door handles, remote controls, family room appliances, & the laundry area. We share these surfaces & they are used often. I guess it’s important to disinfect & sanitize all of these surfaces multiple times every morning. I also guess it’s important to keep the air filter changed correctly in an our heating & The air filter is our defense against germs & bacteria that may be lurking inside of our home in the indoor air. We have been decreasing the air filter more frequently since the virus appeared in our area. My family & I are going to be safe & both of us are going to stay home & practice good hygiene; Between all of the cleaning & sanitizing rituals & decreasing the air filter frequently, I guess both of us are doing everything both of us can. All both of us can do is hope & pray now.

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