I had to help my mother with her A/C with the little money I had

My mother’s life is substantially harder now that her pensions & social security were fully cut back.

Several of the companies she had spent years of her life working at folded & could no longer honor their past employees’ benefits packages. It was also completely different when policies changed on her social security benefits & caused that source of income to shrink a lot as well. I hope that I eventually will be making enough money where I can actually support her myself. For now I have to be content with only assisting her with my time & labor. I’ll get her groceries for her when I’m out shopping & I bring them over to her residence. With how severely limited she is with money these afternoons, several things in her residence have fallen into full disrepair. She had several light bulbs that had not been working for weeks & a bucket under the kitchen sink collecting water from a leaking p-trap. The worst part is that her a/c machine wasn’t working. I observed it almost the second I stepped through her front door. It easily broke my heart when she told me that she couldn’t cover the cost to get the coil fixed, so she has had to leave it off. She had fans working in every room & every single window open as well. It’s 90 degrees outdoors at this time with little wind in the daytime hours. I had to use what little money I had on my credit card & paid to have her broken a/c coil fixed so she would be able to cool her residence once again. It’s really awful seeing her suffer in her outdated age with barely any money to continue on.


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