I found some allergy relief

Periodically, I have to check my own emotions when I get to feeling sorry for myself and complaining about my life.

There are so many other people who have it much worse than I ever have.

I think of the people in my own community who struggle with things that I don’t know I could ever get my head around. And that’s why when I start complaining about the impact the indoor air quality of my house has on my allergies, I get annoyed with myself. Those allergy symptoms and their effects have been something annoying that I have had to contend with all my life. But I still come home to my Heating and A/C controlled home and then I am welcomed into my lovely family each day, whether I have allergies or not. There are so many blessings that I have! My allergies are probably just more of an annoyance. Of course, I have been to all sorts of medical professionals who have prescribed me several types of medicines. They have been a mixture of good and ineffective. However, they all tend to focus on the symptoms and less on how to deal with the real root cause. The Heating and A/C and the air quality in my house was something that I could probably do something about. Really, it just took one call to the Heating and A/C company who we use for our HVAC system. We discussed my situation and they sent out an HVAC tech to inspect our home. A few mornings later, I had a good solution. We bought a whole home air purification system. This air purifier destroys all the airborne contaminants that trigger my allergies.


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