I feel like I am getting sick

Right, now the entire work is in a panic over the coronavirus.

Either people worry about getting the virus, or they worry about dying if they get the virus.

The world is doing its part by isolating themselves from others, but I’m not that kind of person. I can’t sit and worry about what is going to happen next. I wear my mask when I go out, but there is a small circle of friends and family that I want to see. Most important to me, is my fiance. I don’t want to go a couple of months without being with him. Every weekend, I was going to his house. I was noticing that whenever I got home from his house, my nose was stuffy and my throat was scratchy. Once I got back to my house, I was feeling better. I jokingly thought I was having an allergic reaction to him. That’s when I realized there were some allergens in his house. The next time I went over there, I asked him when was the last time the air filters had been changed in his HVAC system. He told me that his landlord took care of the air filters, and he had never touched them. I told him he really needed to call his landlord. After some debate between the two men, my fiance pulled out his lease. It was clearly written that he, the tenant, was responsible for changing the air filter of the HVAC system. As the landlord, he would make sure the HVAC system was serviced and running properly.

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