I don’t need an a/c

I don’t need an a/c, but that is what I am telling myself since our central a/c is broken, and I do not want to pay for the repair of the central a/c… I just finally bought this home with the central a/c.

I knew that the central a/c could cut down at any moment.

The lady that sold myself and others the home wanted myself and others to believe that there could be something wrong with the central a/c, so she made sure to tell me. I hoped that the central a/c would last a little longer than it did, however there is nothing that I can do. I was the one that decided to take this risk by purchasing the home in the first site; Now, I am going to have to pay an Heating & A/C specialist to repair our central a/c if I want to use it again; However, I believe that an Heating & A/C specialist will charge a lot of money, and after buying a home and the furniture that I need for the house, I believe that I am not going to be able to afford to pay an Heating & A/C specialist. However, I have spent the last few years without an a/c of any kind, so I believe that I can survive one more Summer without a central a/c until I save up enough money to be able to pay the Heating & A/C specialist. If I can make it one more summer, I will finally have a working central a/c again. The only concern is that I have a central a/c now. I never had an a/c before, so I didn’t have an option.


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