I convinced my parents to take off their masks by having a UV air purification system installed

I have been extremely worried about my parents.

They are getting up there in age and therefore, they are vulnerable to this virus that is spreading around the world.

They have been so worried about catching the virus, they even wear their masks inside of their home. Now, I don’t personally believe that the virus is going to get into their home unless they come into contact with somebody who has the virus, but they are not taking any chances. You should see them, they are struggling really bad just wearing those masks all the time. They both wear glasses and their glasses keep fogging up making it very difficult for them to walk around their own home! Eventually, I just got sick of seeing this when I would visit, and I told them they should just take off their masks. When they said they didn’t think that was safe, I told them there was a good way to make them safe. When they asked how, that’s when I dialed up the HVAC company and told them we needed to have a UV air purification system installed. My father said he didn’t want to have to pay for some fancy air purification system, but I told him that I would cover the cost for the installation. I explained to my parents that the UV air purification system works to kill harmful bacteria and viruses that might be in the air. They both were shocked that there is such an invention that can do that. When the UV air purification system was installed, they finally took off their masks, and they have been so much happier. They don’t have foggy glasses, and they can breathe so much easier now!



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